Crankshaft Grinding Wheels

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Model: Crankshaft Grinding Wheel

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Xuất xứ: Đang cập nhật

Danh mục: Crankshaft

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  • (028) 3853 6931

CUMI’s crankshaft grinding wheels are made using
special, high performance bond systems in an unique
manufacturing process, tailored to suit each market
segment. This manufacturing technology coupled with
the application engineering expertise offered, makeS
CUMI’s crankshaft grinding wheels highly cost effective.
Besides optimising grinding efficiencies, these wheels
also provide a surface finish as fine as 4 microns.
CUMI also makes dual grade, sandwich wheels with
harder sides and softer centres, ideal for grinding
crankshafts of differential hardness in diameter and fillet
radius. These provide surface speeds upto 60 mps.